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Ceratophyllus Ceratophyllus styx jordani

Host species: Riparia riparia
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Ctenophthalmus Ctenophthalmus bisoctodentatus heselhausi

Ctenophthalmus Ctenophthalmus nobilis nobilis

Ctenophthalmus Ctenophthalmus nobilis vulgaris

Hystrichopsylla talpae talpae

Host species: Mustela erminea
George, R.S., 1977. Some fleas (Siphonaptera) of interest in the Bolton Museum. Entomologist’s Gazette 28(4): 275-276., p.189.
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Ischnopsyllus Ischnopsyllus simplex simplex

Host species: Myotis nattereri
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Palaeopsylla minor

Rhadinopsylla Actenophthalmus pentacantha

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